Blinded Without Regrets
Taiwan / Drama / 25 minutes

Director/Writer: Kuo-Hung Fu

Producer: Hsiang-Wei Wang

Cast: Chen-Ting Yeh, Mien-Mien Wu

Synopsis coming soon....

Knotted Fate
Taiwan / Drama / 26 minutes

Director/Writer: Lulu Liang

Producer: Chi Fang Ting

Cast: Shu Han Lin, Okubo Mariko

An accident brought together a group of strangers. The impulsive deliveryman, the reluctant domestic helper, and the mother who was thinking about her daughter, but she didn’t know that the ambulance passing by was carrying her daughter...The fate of these seemingly unrelated people, intertwined with each other, was doomed as early as an hour ago.

Solo Trekker
Taiwan / Fiction / 25 minutes 

Director/Writer: Jing-Ye Chang

Producer: Yi-Hua Wang

Cast:​ Shan Cheng-Ju, Devin Pan

Up in the mountains in the darkness of the night, a young logger who illegally cuts down Formosan cypress trees meets a middle-aged solo trekker who broke his leg after falling off a cliff. The trekker offers the young man ten times the price of a Formosan cypress to carry him down the mountain. Will the deal help the trekker survive? Will the logger get his reward? The fates of two souls who trek alone intertwine briefly.

The Black Kite
Taiwan / Drama / 23 minutes 

Director/Writer: I-hui Lee

Producer: Ray Wen

Cast: Tzu Yi Mo, Ning Chang

Through the dynamic of a seven-year-old girl and her father’s relationship, The Black Kite portrays the contradicted, chaos mind of people under totalitarianism.

A Paper Plane Ride Home
Singapore / Drama / 11 minutes 

Director/Writer: Val Tan

Producer: Chanel Chan, Val Tan

Cast: Serene Chen, Jalen Law

In Singapore, a gullible Jesse yells into the ocean in hopes of communicating with his older brother Ben, who lives in Los Angeles. His mother Pam waits patiently, frustrated at Ben's constant tricks. Finally, Pam manages to get Jesse to return home. 

Stigma, Style
Singapore / Drama / 13 minutes 

Director/Writer: Cheryl Wong Ye Han

Producer: Kristian King

Cast: Gabby Tay, Risa Ann Wong 

Set in Singapore, eleven-year-old Kerri is invited to spend an afternoon by the pool at her friend Jessica's house where she grows increasingly curious about Jessica's elder sister, Clara.

Philippines / Drama / 17 minutes 

Director/Writer: Eileen Cabiling

Producer: Eileen Cabiling, Darlene Malimas

Cast: Jericho Rosales

Desperate for cash, a Filipino Fisherman dumps bodies into the ocean for the drug war’s faceless vigilantes. Tension rises when the killings’ hit close to home after he discovers his neighbor has been murdered for selling shabu (crystal meth).

BASURERO (1).jpg
Malaysia / Drama / 20 minutes

Director/Writer: Eddie Chow Mun Choon

Producer: Wong Kam Tat

Cast: Kenji Lim, Eddie Chow Mun Choon

The beginning of the outbreak of the coronavirus. A pair of Chinese grandparents in a fishing village in Malaysia on the other side worked hard to help medical staff on the frontline and contribute to the motherland. Although there are many difficulties, but the determination is made to overcome all difficulties and become an unsung hero.