Korea / Drama / 27 minutes

Director/Writer: Kyeong-ha Ko

Producer: Yoo-min Choi

Cast: Min-ji Kim, Seung-yoon Lee

Two young teenagers who are bullied in school and at home, create a master illegal plan. 

Korea / Drama / 30 minutes

Director/Writer: Jayil Pak

Producer: Boram Kang

Cast: Yang Hee Lee, Chae Kyung Lee

Based on a true story - When the police refuse to investigate their daughter’s alleged suicide, two computer-illiterate parents decide to design a protest banner.

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High Jump.JPG
High Jump
Korea /  Drama / 23 minutes 

Director/Writer: Chung Su-jin

Producer: Han Jin

Cast:​ Kim Hana, Jeon Seok-Chan

In 1988, fifth-grade elementary school student Han Jin-joo tries to prepare expensive gifts to make up with a Atheletic Teacher who is angry with her because of a minor misunderstanding in a high jump class.

Mother, Young-sook_edited.jpg
Mother, Young-sook
Korea / Drama / 33 minutes 

Director/Writer: Lee Eundeok

Producer: Choi Wonyoung

Cast: So Heejeong

A mother (Young-sook) living with her two sons and exhausted from a lonely and painful life. Neighbors reach out to help but soon they stop coming to see her.

Korea / Thriller / 30 minutes 

Director/Writer: Junmo Kim

Producer: YoHan Kim

Cast: YeEun Song, HaYeon Lee

The day before the opening of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. At a 'ticket dabang', a beverage business that provides illegal escort services, a coffee order is placed by room 305 of a motel. North Korean defector 'Yeonhwa' sets out to deliver it. Following her is a mysterious man.

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On the Backstage_edited.jpg
On The Backstage
Korea / Drama / 16 minutes 

Director/Writer: Yongchool Lee

Producer: Sanggil Hwang

Cast: Inyong Son, Ae-yeon Jeong

On graduation day of acting academy. Ji-hee, In-yong, and Ae-yeon somehow look awkward. Nevertheless In-yong and Ae-yeon cheer for Ji-hee and wrap up the event well. But the real father showed up and paid for the wage, In-yong and Ae-yeon leaves for their own way. Ji-hee watches them for a while.

Korea / Thriller / 25 minutes 

Director/Writer: Park Woogeon

Producer: Byungjun Kim

Cast: Gayoung Park, Sangkyoung Hwang

The landlord visits a newly married couple to deal with the matter of deposit money. The landlord and the husband end up going out for a drink, and next morning, the landlord is found dead. The fully pregnant wife begins suspect her husband and agonizes over it.

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The daughter_edited.jpg
The Daughter
Korea / Drama / 21 minutes

Director/Writer: Soon-a Nam

Producer: Jae-in Yoo

Cast: Hae-in Han, Eui-tae Yu

After taking care of her mother for a long time, Hyo-eun inherits her mother’s home after she passed away. She tries to escape her mother’s shadow by removing any trace of her in the house. But as she is doing so, she hears whispers of her mother’s voice and strange things begin to happen.

The Floor Below.jpg
The Floor Below
Korea / Drama / 22 minutes 

Director/Writer: Hwang Hye-in

Cast: Kim Min-seo, Han Yoon-seo

In Korean society, living in a big apartment complex proves your wealth. Those who live in the same complex share a certain solidarity based on their “socioeconomic rank”. June, a girl who doesn’t belong to any of such society, takes her little sister out to play in the playground of a fancy apartment complex. When June gets caught, she runs with her sister to hide in a basement of an apartment building where the rumor has it ghosts appear.