A Matter of Time_edited.jpg
A Matter Of Time
China  / Drama / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: Yang Liu

Producer: Yudong Guan

Cast: Yang Cao, Chengcheng Fang

During the large-scale demolition and construction going on in a small town in China, an independent and empty-nest grandma who is in the early stage of Alzheimer’s confronts the pressure of moving into a local public nursing home persuaded by her daughter who works as a construction worker in a big city.

A Trip To The Moon_edited.jpg
A Trip To The Moon
China / Drama / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Hayden He

Producer: BoXuan Li

Cast: GuanYing Li, ZiYang Lin

A teenage girl who suffers from a broken family and lonely school life joined an online “astronomy” group chat, and wishes to find a sense of belonging through completing the daily mission offered by the group owner. One day, her mission requires her to take a “real trip” to the universe.

Although I am retired.jpg
Although I Am Retired
China /  Drama / 19minutes 

Director/Writer: Feng Tian Xun

Cast:​ Liang Dan Ni

The retired bank president Zhang XinHua joined the street Women Choir. She could not handle her psychological gap between fitting in with the local Choir and had been a leader of a bank. Compromise is not about losing, it is about relieving yourself and others the burden of perfection.

Aquatic Bird.jpg
Aquatic Bird
China / Drama / 18 minutes 

Director/Writer: Nan Zhang

Producer: Chuhong Lian

Cast: Rongzhou Du, Xue Gong

In this absurd world, everyone is doing things in opposition to their heart, doing jobs they don’t want to do, hiding their passions, and hurting others to bury their pain. Ah Shui (Aqua) and Zhang Niao (Bird), a cross-dressing girl, get tangled up in each other’s worlds because of a green dot of light. This green dot becomes their guide, allowing them to meet in their dreams.

China / Drama / 15 minutes 

Director/Writer: Yi-lie Hong

Producer: Xin-Lin Xie

Cast: Yan Li

Recycling worker Wang Jinshui is obsessed with Buddha statues, hoping they can bless him to win lottery. Convinced that everything depends on the statues’ condition, his obsession starts to go out of control.

Believing (1).jpg
China / Romantic / 16 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Yidan Xu

Cast: Liying Qian 

The old memory was unveiled in the engagement party…
Facing the conflicts between her son‘s happiness and her late-life love, what choice should she make then?

Drifting Clouds
China / Drama / 29 minutes 

Director/Writer: ZhengLiu

Producer: Hairui Ding

Cast: Xuanyu Chen, Meiqian Wang

Yun a young woman from a small town working alone in Shanghai. Because of her grandfather's illness , she had to come back to home. This time, Yun’s parents expressed their hope that Yun could contribute to the construction of their private pension housing. What they didn’t know was their proud daughter had failed in her business and was heavily in debt.

China / Drama / 28 minutes

Director: Dai Zhanhao

Writer: Dai Zhanhao, You Bingqin

Producer: Huangzhou Wanxin, Lin Lisha

Cast: Li Songshao, Yin Juliang

A remote island, the fishing village here is almost deserted, an old fisherman lives alone.  The fisherman’s son has been to Beijing to make a living for several years. Now his career is booming and he has bought a new house. He returns to the island to persuade his father to live with him.

Farewell (1).jpg
Green Screen.jpg
Green Screen
China / Drama / 27 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Geng Zihan

Cast: Huang Ziqi

A young girl weaves her own lies every day in order to mentally escape the "garbage heap" that she lives in with her boyfriend. One day, a film crew appear on the ground floor outside her apartment. A photographer takes notice and tells her that she looks like the French actress Jeanne Moreau, which gives her life more "stage" for performance.

Happy Hour Karaoke_edited.jpg
Happy Hour Karaoke
China / Drama / 24 minutes

Director/Writer: Solax Zhu

Producer: Belle Liu, Chen Hong

Cast: Yu Shenghao, Wang Jun

A boy A Jie came to the Karaoke owned by his father to spend Chinese new year eve. His father was always busy, so the Karaoke manager/body guard A Jian was sent to watch over him. During his stay, he started to like the place, which was fresh and colorful unlike his mundane life. He became friends with A Jian, who took him to several adventures. He also fell in love with a hostess girl Fang Fang, whom he later found out had an affair with his Father.

China / Drama / 17 minutes

Director: Wang Hang

A criminal gang’s last meal of hotpot before disbandment.

In Sight.jpg
In Sight
China / Drama / 16 minutes

Director/Writer/Producer: Liu Ke

Cast: Song Haining, Jiang Xin

After years of rejection, writer Ji Ming finally comes upon the chance to get his novel published, while his wife Gu Fang, whose eyesight has been deteriorating rapidly, receives a call from the hospital notifying her that corneas are available for transplant. The situation spirals out of control…

only night knows2_edited.jpg
Only Night Knows
China / Drama / 19 minutes

Director/Writer: Sha He

Producer: Zibo Xu

Cast: Yafan Ji

A girl who was frequently molested by her drunk father tried to ask her mother for help, but what she faced was an abyss of despair, and she had to make a choice.

China / Drama / 37 minutes

Director/Writer/Producer: 武Wu文豪Thor

Cast: 李相炫

Wu is someone who collects money for others. He stays on the edge of the society, and has been reluctant to face the alienation of himself, his family, and the world. When he met a prostitute who pays off debts for others, and an empty nester who no one cares, he stayed silently and observed their outcomes. Meeting with these two ‘unneeded’ people made him think and change.

Seascape (1).jpg
Silent Storm.jpg
Silent Storm
China / Drama / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Grace Hsia

Producer: Grace Hsia, Eduardo M Escribano Solera

An ordinary farming family lives a simple life in a quiet and remote mountain village in the south China. A lonely boy brought his cattle to take shower in the river in an afternoon.

Snake Trail_edited.jpg
Snake Trail
China / Drama / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Shicong Zhu

Producer: Yiyi Huang, Cilin Deng

Cast: Yuaner Chen

Urged to complete the traditional Chinese death ritual as her mother’s only daughter, but without the legal documentation to prove her kinship to the woman who gave birth to her—a girl finds herself in an institutional conundrum.

The Escape of Life.JPG
The Escape Of Life
China / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer/Producer: Yao Yao

Cast: Zhou Qingyun, Jin Xin

The painter, about to turn 30, began to think about how she would live the rest of her life. Mother committed su-icide in pursuit of the ultimate purity of art. Father hid the truth in order not to let she go the same way as her mother. On the day of her birthday, the woman painter decided to give up her unexamined life, have a showdown with her father, and stick to her idea -- to become a real paint-er.

The Knight.JPG
The Knight
China / Drama / 20 minutes

Director/Writer: Zhe Niu

Producer: Dan Jin

Cast: Zhongqiu Sun

Yang Shuguang, loses his job due to depression and becomes a delivery driver in Beijing. Yang, receives a bad review from a customer and a warning from his boss. 

The Owl.jpg
The Owl
China / Drama / 24 minutes

Director/Writer/Producer: Sam Wong

Cast: Ronald Lam, Homan Ho

Cheung Chi Sun is a fortune teller at the Jade Market. He hides nothing from his customers since everything is fixed by fate. From another side of the town, an ordinary girl crossed path with Sun’s lonely life. 

The Village of Nobody.JPG
The Village Of Nobody
China / Drama / 22 minutes

Director/Writer: Shimeng Zhou

Producer: He Yun, Jiarui Guo

Cast: Jiangyuan Wu, Yingjia Xuetan

In a village that advocates moderation, everyone knows the orphan dunce ‘Hong’.  One day before Christmas he meets ‘Xue’ a girl in the church choir.

Where The Light Ends.jpg
Where The Light Ends
China / Drama / 23 minutes

Director: Huazhang Dai

Writer: Huazhang Dai, Zicheng Li

Producer: Zicheng Li, Qiaofeng Hu

Cast: Zili Zhang, Jiayu Ye

A month before the High School Entrance Exam in China, an 8th-grade girl has to face a situation where her best friend is constantly bullied by others.

Wild Seed_edited.jpg
Wild Seed
China / Drama / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Sunyin Zhang

Producer: Sunyin Zhang, Yiting Gao

Cast: Tian Xu

During the period of One-Child Policy, Peng, an illegally pregnant mother escapes from her home to avoid getting arrested by the family planning committee and being forced to have an abortion. After escaping, Peng begins her solitary journey to hide from the government’s ruthless members and survives along the vast wilderness in Guizhou Province.

China / Drama / 24 minutes

Director/Writer: Ruiyan Li

Producer: Xinpu Chen

Cast: Enyou Yang, Yi Feng

After her mother dies, a beautiful, brash young woman reluctantly brings her young daughter back to the city to live with her only to realize she can’t take care of her.

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