The Hangman at Home.jpg
The Hangman At Home
Denmark / Animation / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Michelle Kranot, Uri Kranot

Producer: Avi Amar, Katayoun Dibamehr, Emmanuel-Alain Raynal

The animated film invites you into five interwoven stories featuring people caught in a pivotal moment: they are fragile, playful, terrified, contemplative, confused, curious. We watch their intimate deeds in a reflective state, and they gaze back, transforming us from spectators to witnesses. 

The Midnight Sun.jpg
The Midnight Sun
USA / Horror / 12 minutes

Director: Connor Radding

Cast:​ Keaton Talmage, Dana Miller

A park ranger is disoriented by her internal desire to find a missing boy. An animated short film about isolation, loss, and a search for meaning.

The tree of lost souls.jpg
The Tree Of Lost Souls
Spain / Animation / 15 minutes

Director/Writer/Producer: Laura Zamora

Cast: Eline Mensen, Oliver Schmitz, Sanaa Zemmouri

A story of tenderness and fantasy that really make us reflect on our lives and the parts of ourselves that we have lost.  An introverted girl who uses her imagination as a refuge from the world around her; a world that has been falling apart due to the disappearance of her father, her mother's indifference towards her, betrayed friendship, and disappointment in love.

The weather is lovely.jpg
The Weather Is Lovely
China / Adventure / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Lien, Chun-Chien

Producer: Allen Chung-Shun Yang

Cast: Lu Ming Yao, Clara Lee

Claude, the cloud maker, accidentally drops his cloud-making gadget after finished his daily mission. The gadget gets picked up by a researcher Yin in a weather observatory atop a remote Mountain. Yin learns how to use the gadget and makes a lots clouds inside the lab. Claude, meanwhile, can only observe patiently outside and seek chance to retrieve his gadget secretly (since he is not allowed to reveal himself to the people on the ground.) 

There are Bunnies on Fire in the Forest.jpg
There Are Bunnies On Fire In The Forest
USA / Animation / 4 minutes 

Director/Writer: JLee MacKenzie

Producer: Mireia Vilanova

Cast: Revyn Lowe, C. Craig Patterson

A young girl gets in big trouble for kissing her friend on the cheek at school during the pandemic.

Tiger is Strolling Around.jpg
Tiger Is Strolling Around
Ukraine / Animation / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Anastasiia Falileieva

Producer: Michael Margulis, Marcin J. Sobczak

Cast: Jo Keita, Kiki Sugino

Katsumi is feeling blue. While walking through a ghost Japanese town, she can see signs that her life has reached the point of no return. When she decides to end this misery, Magic Tiger appears. Can he save her?

Japan / Animation / 8 minutes 

Director: Sachi Nakamura

Even though the main character puts everything into his work, he only earns a little bit and lives a poor life. One day, he remembers that his mother had told him when he was a child that there is treasure buried under the tree in the yard of their house, and he heads to his hometown.

Treasures (1).jpg
USA / Animation / 9 minutes 

Director/Producer: Andrea Love, Phoebe Wahl

Writer: Phoebe Wahl

Cast: Mariya Ballou, Christpher Flockton

Tulip is a fresh and woolly take on the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairytale Thumbelina. This stop-motion animated short film by Andrea Love & Phoebe Wahl follows Tulip, a tiny child who is born from a flower, on her adventures as she explores the garden outside her home in search of where she belongs.

Tulip (1).jpg
Finland / Fantasy / 12 minutes

Director/Writer/Producer: Tuomas Kurtakko

When a chase for a delicious dragonfly goes awry, a frog finds himself on a journey towards higher levels of amphibian consciousness, ultimately leading him down the rabbit hole to face his worst fears.

Under the skin, the bark.jpg
Under The Skin, The Bark
France / Animation / 9 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer/Cast: Franck Dion

An uninspiring character decides to visit his uninspired author

Unnecessary things.jpg
Unnecessary Things
Ukraine / Animation / 14 minutes 

Director: Dmytro Lisenbart

Writer: Dmytro Lisenbart, Andriy Rushkovsky, Valeriy Pugashkin

Producer: Vitalii Khalo

Could a robot adopt a pet in the near future? – Sure, why not. – Could this pet be a human? – Well, it could be possible in the future. – Could they become friends? – Probably yes. - …And what would become of the robot afterwards? – Listen, to hell with your questions!

China / Sci-Fi / 8minutes 

Director: Ina Chen

Writer: Calvin Sin

Producer: Liam Young

On the day of Vesak, the biggest Buddhist festival in South and Southeast Asia, a monk carries out annual prayer rites at the Quantum Temple. Artifacts that belong to the past and foretell the future swirl overhead in a hyper-fictional topography made up of hill fort homes, geodesic monuments, haunting projections, and gigantic fish.

Vesak (1).jpg
Voices in the Void.jpg
Voices In The Void
USA / Animation / 18 minutes 

Director: Juan Pablo De Gamboa

Writer: Samuel George

Producer: Dr. Judith S. Goldstein, Irene Braam

Cast: Bent Melchior, Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum

This animation gives a new kind of visual life to this important chapter of history, bringing it to new generations. Seventy-five years after the fall of Nazi Germany, academics, intellectuals, artists, and everyday people continue to grapple withthe immensity of the Shoah.

Spain / Animation / 8 minutes 

Director/Writer: Carlos Salgado

Producer: Rubén Fernández, Carlos Salgado, Alfonso Casado

In the edge of the galaxy, a space explorer picks up a plant in a mysterious planet, but his return journey will put his determination to the test.

WAYBACK (1).jpg
When Winter Comes.jpg
When Winter Comes
UK / Animation / 5 minutes 

Director: Geoff Dunbar

Writer: Paul McCartney

Producer: Ben Chappell

The film adopts a painterly style glimpsing a family readying their farm for winter and highlights the themes of nature, family and home in the song. To create the short animated film, Paul McCartney enlisted the help of Rupert and the Frog Song director Geoff Dunbar for a unique hybrid of hand and digitally drawn animation.

X Marks the Spot.jpg
X Marks the Spot
USA / Animation / 2 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Reynel Roque

Cast: Nathaniel Labrada, Matthew Curtis

An adventurous young kid takes on the challenge to find treasure when he notices a map on the back of his cereal box. The map takes him on a wild journey to find the lost treasure, but an unexpected problem presents itself along the way.

Mechamorphosis by Bowen Tan.jpg
China / Animation / 14 minutes 

Director: Bowen Tan

Writer: Roderick Rascoe, Bowen Tan

Producer: Ben Clerveaux

Cast: Jie Liu, Yalin Wang

At the dawn of Chinese Robotic era, in a world where robot-human symbiosis and educational pressures collide, Yining, a young schoolboy learns to cope with the rigors of family pressure and mechanical success.

Mechamorphosis (1).jpg