Never Alone.jpg
Never Alone
Australia / Animation / 6 minutes 

Director: Ben Matei

Writer: Ben Matei, Jennie Tkaz

Producer: Ben Matei, Jennie Tkaz

A lost, lonely Creature is befriended by Balloon. Balloon takes Creature on a journey through magical lands where Creature learns that life is precious and there is both beauty and hope to be found in small moments of joy. Despite ultimately suffering the loss of beloved Balloon, Creature finds the strength within to carry on.

New Kid.jpg
New Kid
USA / Animation / 2 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Jared Nigro

Cast: Amber Luallen

Jake wants to make a new friend, but can't figure out why no one likes him.

Odd Dog.jpg
Odd Dog
USA /  Animation / 5 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Keika Lee

A young boy pleads with his mother to get him a dog but his mother prefers a cat. Years later, the boy runs into what looks like a cat on the street. Can the cat win the boy over with his crazy dog-like antics and become the boy's "odd dog"?

One Day in the Forest.jpg
One Day In The Forest
USA / Animation / 3 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Jiaxin Hu

A small girl who loves playing in the woods and goes to the forest every day with her friend, a little bee. The story centers on one special day for this girl in this forest. It is a story about humans and nature relationships.

The animated short combines 2D and 3D techniques.

Out Of Touch.jpg
Out Of Touch
Canada / Animation / 3 minutes

Director: Henry He

After falling from the sky, our character relives his early childhood memories with his grandparents - except, they aren’t his grandparents, and he’s not in his regular body.

Lebanon / Animation / 5 minutes

Director/Writer/Producer: Maya Zankoul, Toni Yammine

Cast: M Yammine, Fouad Yammine

Surrounded by her loving family on her birthday, an event occurs that shapes Mira's life forever.

Peek-A-Boom (1).jpg
People Person
USA / Animation / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Rymalena

Producer: Raynee Divjak

Cast: Cayla Hailwood, Zachary Poole

Desperate to escape her reality, a young woman discovers a program that immerses her in her own subconscious through a myriad of virtual personas.

Rawr Rawr Land.jpg
Rawr Rawr Land
USA / Animation / 2 minutes

Director/Writer: Antonio Montilla

Producer: Ringling College of Art and Design

Cast: Kevin Temmer, Liana Bdewi

Amidst the end of the world, one dinosaur wants to take shelter, and one wants to dance the night away.

Spain / Animation / 13 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Rubén Garcerá

A series of crimes is devastating the city and there is only one person who is capable of finding the culprit: Toni Clues. When Mr. and Ms. Mendoza are murdered, their family decides to hire him. But time is against him as new victims begin to appear and the police are nowhere to be see. He will have to use all his track-hunting skills to try to solve the mystery: who is behind such gory deaths?

Re-Animal (1).jpg
Room 5.jpg
Room 5
Ghana / Animation / 3 minutes

Director/Writer: Francis Y. Brown

Producer: Daty Kaba, Laurene Manaa Addy

Cast: Christy Ukata, Yvonne

Room 5 basically tells a story of how patients are treated by nurses when we visit the hospital but this is coupled with a sub plot of how most people are afraid of injection. The genre is a dark comedy.

Save Ralph.jpg
Save Ralph
USA / Comedy / 4 minutes 

Director/Writer: Spencer Susser

Producer: Jeff Vespa, Lisa Arianna, Spencer Susser

Cast: Taika Waititi, Ricky Gervais

A stop-motion animated documentary-style short film produced in partnership with Humane Society International (HSI) and the Arch Model studio of puppet maker supreme Andy Gent. The film features HSI’s campaign spokesbunny Ralph, voiced by Taika Waititi, as he goes through his daily routine as a “tester” in a lab. 

Mexico / Animation / 28 minutes

Director: Javier Gutierre

Writer: Borja Exterrabi, Sandra Velten, Javier Gutierrez

Producer: Concha León Portilla, Jorge Landa Portilla, Valeska Viveros

Secretum is the story of Jero, a five-year-old boy who, after losing his mother, is adopted by a woman who, under a promise to love and protect him, abuses him.

SECRETUM (1).jpg
USA / Animation / 10 minutes

Director:Writer/Producer: Nahyun Beak , Dahyun Beak

A war has been settled down, but a conflict against each other is still escalating...

USA / Animation / 5 minutes 

Director: Colin Hesterly

Writer: Max Wittert

Cast: Max Wittert, Lauren White, Greta Titelman

Inspired by an episode of foodie TV, Max decides to gorge himself on a peppery feast. Before he can finish ordering, his stomach gets upset and confronts Max about his confusing culinary choices. Stomach's flimsy emotional state churns and her unpredictable nature backfires in a frenzied fight.

Stomach (1).jpg
Pakistan / Animation / 14 minutes 

Director: Arafat Mazhar, Haseeb Rehman

Producer: Rasti Farooq

A young boy addicted to iFatwa, an app that crowdsources religious death sentences, spends his days swiping on the lives of strangers as he attempts to get a top spot on the Ajar Board.

Swipe (1).jpg
The Boy and The Jazz.jpg
The Boy And The Jazz
Brazil / Animation / 3 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Flavio dos Santos

The film tells the story of a boy in love with music who dreams of becoming a jazz musician.

The Boy and the Ocean.jpg
The Boy And The Ocean
France / Animation / 7 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Alex Perea

Lost on the ocean, a shipwreck survivor desperately tries to call for help. Only his encounter with an orca may help him in his quest.

A film without words, in which man and nature reunite through music.

The Broken Candle.jpg
The Broken Candle
USA / Animation / 9 minutes 

Director: Felix Kiner

Writer: Michael Lam

Producer: Felix Kiner, Michael Lam, Yoshi Zweiback

Cast: Tiffany Haddish, Tom Kenny, Eugenio Derbez

The Broken Candle tells the heartwarming tale of Nira, a broken Hanukkah candle who becomes the shamash ("lead candle" of the hanukkiah) on the last night of the Festival of Lights.

The Cookie Cutter.JPG
The Cookie Cutter
USA / Animation / 8 minutes 

Director: David Rocco Facchini

Producer: Dellarocco Studios

With bathing suit season just around the corner, Steve needs to put his sweet-tooth for cookies in check! But when an ambitious Cookie Scout darkens his doorway, dead-set on the sale, it becomes the ultimate battle of the bulge!