Brazil / Drama / 17 mins

Director: Gustavo Ribeiro

Writer: Gustavo Ribeiro, Gabriela Antonia Rosa

Producer: Thais Peixe, Gustavo Ribeiro

John, unable to understand the illness that drives his grandfather between past and present states, stumbles into an old album full of photographs and then let the images guide his imagination, transforming his grandpa's memories into drawing interpretations. Drawings that shapes their relationship into a history of remembrance and memory building.

France / Comedy / 5 mins

Director: Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin

Writer: Otalia Caussé

Producer: Philippe Meis (Rubika Animation)

In Lisbon, a german married couple is about to get aboard the legendary n°28 tramway, but how should you ract when the brakes let go and embark you on a vertiginous race... with a baby on board.

On / Off
Argentina /  Animation / 7 mins

Director/Writer: Nicolas P. Villarreal

Producer: Nicolas P. Villarreal, Alessandro Squitti

Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.

Per Aspera Ad Astra
France / Animation / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Franck Dion

Producer: Richard Van Den Boom

The daily life of a little hen housekeeper, torn between her work, her children and her old mother.

Pork Chop
USA / Horror / 2 mins

Director/Writer: Katherine Guggenberger

Producer: Ringling College of Art and Design

A severed pig’s head becomes conscious, finding himself in a deli shop with a terrifying butcher. In order to escape his predicament, the pig’s head assembles a new body, made out of the parts of other animals he finds in the shop’s meat freezer. After overcoming the butcher with his newfound power, the pig slices off the butcher’s head, takes his human body, and escapes the butcher shop as a pig-human hybrid.

Prickly Jam
New Zealand / Comedy / 6 mins

Director: James Cunningham

Writer: James Cunningham, Kathryn Burnett

Producer: James Cunningham

Cast: Rima Te Wiata, Ryan Cooper

An end of days comedy animation about an amorous cricket and a starving hedgehog who wants to eat the last cricket left in the world.

Rag Doll
Canada / Animation / 18 mins

Director/Writer/Producer: Leon Lee

Amidst a deadly persecution, a determined orphan tries to bring her mother back to life through the power of art.

USA / Drama / 4 mins

Director/Writer: Seora Hong

Losing all reason to live, a man stands on the precipice of life and death. A man who feels like he has lost all reason to live. As he stands on the precipice of life and death, he faces an unexpected situation that may just save his life.

Robert The Robot
United Kingdom / Sci-Fi / 4 mins

Director/Writer: Jonathan Irwin

Producer: Spencer Friend

This short tells the story of an old cleaning droid - a ROB 9000 domestic model - as he passes a boring Tuesday alone in an empty house, waiting for his owners to return.

Routine: The Prohibition
Spain / Fantasy / 8 mins

Director: Sam Orti

Writer: Flora Cuevas

Producer: Alex Cervantes

In a dark world, devastated by lies and dominated by fear, we continue with our self-destructive routines towards extinction

Sheltering Sky
USA / Animation / 7 mins

Director: Marc Russo

What comes next when our hero finds himself at the end, after his job is completed - does new adventure await him, will he see the signs, and will he have the courage to step out of the familiar and journey forth.

Sign Language
USA / Animation / 5 mins

Director/Writer: Jasen Aziz, Joshua Jager

Producer: Jasen Aziz

On a busy city street, two pedestrian street signs find each other and fall in love.

France / Animation / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Frédéric Even, Louise Mercadier

Producer: Richard Van Den Boom, Jean-François Bigot

Cast: Anamaria Vartolomei, Diane Rouxel

Three sisters are facing an impending disaster: the imminent flooding by the Sea of the lands where they live. In the midst of such chaos, the sisterly union is shaken up and each of the sisters experiences the imminence of death, in their inner selves, in a different way.

Sous la glace
France / Animation / 7 mins

Director: Luce Grosjean, Ismaïl Berrahma

Producer: Ecole des Nouvelles Images

On a lake, a heron is fishing while winter arrives.

Spanish Flowers
USA / Fantasy / 5 mins

Director: Ness Tomaselli, Fernando Yanes

Writer: Ness Tomaselli

Producer: Ness Tomaselli

Tuned to the haunting music of legendary underground rock band Philm, Spanish Flowers follows a surreal, animated narrative involving a ritual of life and death carried out by two monks and a mourning priestess, who is now forced to let go of her mummified son...