Critical Component

USA / Animation / 7 mins

Director: Derek Frederickson

Writer: Derek Frederickson

A short film about a young robot with a defective part, trying to find their way in the world.

USA / Animation / 10 mins

Director: Liukaidi Peng

Producer: Liukaidi Peng, Lingda Zhou

“Crunch” is a sci-fi comedy 3D animation. The story starts with the morning of a little, short guy named Bob who just starts working in the space agency. When watching the spaceship launching, Bob is hit by a mysterious lightning and starts to grow bigger. But there seems no way to stop...

USA /  Drama / 18 mins

Director: Kirsten Vangsness

Writer: Kirsten Vangsness

Producer: Brendan Bradley, Gink Bastian Ent.

Cast:​ Kirsten Vangsness

About a feral cat who stars on a network procedural drama, takes ballroom dance lessons, and has an encounter with a predatory tow truck driver. It explores the idea of vulnerability as a source of power and the emotional "curtains" we lay over our essential selves.

Final Draft
USA / Drama / 8 mins

Director/Writer: Yue Huang

Producer: Yue Huang

A blithe young cafe worker delivers food to a writer in an old apartment, only to find herself a pawn in an ominously unfolding plot.

China / Animation / 4 mins

Director: Fei Jing

Producer: Fei Jing

About a robot arranged in a factory, repeating the same work every day, but different is that the robot has a simple self-awareness, he began to doubt who he is? Where is he? What is he doing? During his work, he had a small job. He saw the sea, goldfish, city, universe and smelting furnace. He kept falling down in his dream.

Give Me Space
USA / Animation / 7 mins

Director/Writer: Tim Groseclose

Producer: Tim Groseclose

Cast: Tim Tuchrello, Julie Brett

Duncan is an astronaut stranded on a strange alien planet with his pleasure droid, Dee. They are running out of food and supplies, but what’s worse - their relationship is turning into a marriage.

Going It Alone: A Guide to Being Single In a Pandemic
USA / Animation / 10 mins

Director: Rebecca Silvers, Brent Rose

Writer/Producer: Brent Rose

Cast: Brent Rose

Created in six separate quarantines by six old friends, Going It Alone is an animated short exploring the highs and lows of being on your own in the era of COVID-19.

USA / Animation / 4 mins

Director/Writer: Maryam Farahzadi

Producer: Maryam Farahzadi

The story is about one's courage to follow their dreams

Grand Adventure Railroad
Taiwan / Animation /  15 mins

Director/Writer: Hsiao-Shan Huang

Producer: Chien Po Huang, Bo-Syun Wu

Grand Adventure Railroad Company offers the rich touring service to go sightseeing in slum communities. As the passengers are enjoying the meals, taking selfies and playing the amusement games, the touring train suddenly halts in a pitch black tunnel. The conductor tries to pacify the passengers, not knowing an uninvited creature quietly sneaks on board...

If Anything Happens I Love You
USA / Animation / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Will McCormack, Michael Govier

Producer: Maryann Garger, Gary Gilbert

Grieving parents struggle with the loss of their daughter after a school shooting. An elegy on grief.

Into The Flame
USA / Animation / 6 mins

Director/Writer: Sean McClintock

Producer: Sean McClintock, Jeff Bybee

As Floyd sits trying to process the disappearance of his cult-obsessed wife a moth burrows his way into his ear setting off a series of visions and the adventure of his life. Pushed over the edge and past his breaking point, he’s compelled to run headlong into the unknown.

Little Hilly
Taiwan / Animation / 19 mins

Director: Huang Yun Hsien, Liao Pei Yu

Writer: Huang Yun Hsien, Wu Yan Jie

Producer: Hsieh Sanvy

Cast: Tang Zhi Zhong

Hilly is a 10-year-old silent Taiwanese girl, nobody was concerned about her depression and the pressure she suffered from everyday life. Hilly hates that she always oppresses herself, and also hates the world controlled by adults. What does Hilly really want to speak out to the adults?

USA / Animation / 8 mins

Director: Geoff Hecht

Writer: Natasha Canepa, Geoff Hecht

Producer: Valerie Kolomiets, Claudia Castaneda

Metro6 takes place in a world in which all necessities can be delivered without any human interaction. Digital convenience has eroded the need for day-to-day human connections—even ride share drivers are being replaced by autonomous driving solutions. Below the comedic surface of public transportation lies a warning for all of us living in the convenience-uber-alles 21st century to not lose the importance of human connections.