100,000 Acres of Pine
Denmark / Animation / 7 mins

Director: Jennifer Alice Wright

Writer: Jennifer Alice Wright

Producer: The Animation Workshop

After getting busted for drugs, college-bound Danny is forced to spend a night in jail with a mentally ill, homeless drug addict. Danny believes he has nothing in common with his cellmate, but as the night trudges on, he realizes he is horribly mistaken.

400 Mph
France / Animation / 5 mins

Director: Paul-Eugène Dannaud, Julia Chaix

Writer: Lorraine Desserre, Alice Lefort

Producer: Philippe Meis (Rubika Animation)

On the Bonneville salt flats, the sound of roaring engines can be heard in the distance. At the wheel is Icarus, a chimpanzee hell-bent on transcending the limits of speed. Aboard iconic and increasingly powerful vehicles, Icarus will attempt to reach the ultimate speed of 400 Mph, thought to be impossible for land vehicles.

Abe's Story
Ireland /  Drama / 12 mins

Director: Adam H Stewart

Writer: Adam H Stewart, Garry Walsh

Producer: Eilish Kent

Cast:​ Colin O’Donoghue, David Bamber

Set in Victorian London, Abe, an overworked Irish writer draws inspiration from his day job in the theatre to write a bloody brilliant novel.

ArtMinute1 – The perfect selfie
Denmark / Animation / 4 mins

Director/Writer: Asta Wellejus, Teddy Kristiansen

Producer: Peter Aalbæk Jensen, Irene Sparre

The story is about the Danish painter Jens Juel, who through his travels and inspiration from the old masters (Rembrandt) gains a unique inspiration and expertise. This is shown in the light/ colors he gathers on his travels and a special light/ glow that emerges from his brush.

USA / Fantasy / 5 mins

Director: Chun Chun Chang

A man encounters the goddess of the wind inside a deadly storm.

Balance Breakers
Hong Kong / Animation / 10 mins

Director: Eric Lee

Writer: Anna Li

This is a city controlled by the “Balance”, a world has to spend coins for everything everywhere. Sister and Brother, who have to work all day for living, always hit a snag in their life. A blessing in disguise, Sister luckily enters a grand competition having a chance to strike it rich. On the other side, Brother discovers the hidden operation of the competition and the secret of the city.

Balloon Saloon
USA / Animation / 2 mins

Director/Writer: Neal Sopata

Follow the adventure of a misunderstood cactus as he sets off on a quest for true love.

USA / Animation / 7 mins

Director/Writer: Shirley Zhou

Cast: Jack Murphy, Lileina Joy

An ex-bounty hunter makes breakfast with his young daughter, who becomes increasingly curious about his past profession.

Boy In The Woods
Brazil / Drama / 12 mins

Director: Fabiano Leandro Pandolfi

Producer: Gabriel Garcia

A musical tale about empathy and acceptance. When a little boy gets lost in a strange forest, the only way to his father rescue him is by understanding and connect to his son's own world.

USA / Animation / 3 mins

Director: Garrett Lewis

Brush is an animated short film that follows a boy growing up through the lens of his bathroom mirror.

Chao in Space
USA / Animation / 4 mins

Director/Writer: Tyson Hesse

Sonic the Hedgehog returns to the iconic Chao Garden in a special holiday animation: “Chao in Space.” Follow a sleepwalking Chao as it bravely embarks on an interstellar battle.

USA / Drama / 9 mins

Director: Amos Sussigan

Writer: Dan Lund, Amos Sussigan

Producer: Amos Sussigan, Jean de Meuron

Cast: Andrew "Nina West" Levitt

COASTER is a coming-of-age animated short that follows a recent graduate experiencing the literal ups and downs of adulthood after moving into his first house, which happens to be built atop a roller coaster in sync with his emotions.

Console yourself, please!
Canada / Animation/ 6 mins

Director/Writer: Daniel James Cox

Producer: Emily Cox, Daniel James Cox

"Console Yourself, Please!" is a 6 minute CG animated short film about two computer game characters - the quick-to-anger Cog and the more affable Turbine - who have been oddly paired together inside a next-generation gaming console. On call 24 hours a day, they quickly find out -- there's more to life than the game.

Cosmic Fling
USA / Sci-Fi / 10 mins

Director: Jonathan Langager

Writer: Jonathan Langager, Ali Scher

Producer: Christian Hall

Cast: Josh Fadem, Caitlin McGee

Cosmic Fling is the tale of Stan, an intergalactic garbage man who lives alone on an asteroid. To feed himself, he harpoons space debris and converts it into nourishment. To feed his soul, he dreams only of love. One day, he spots Beatrice, a fellow astronaut stranded on a passing comet.