A Drop of Imagination.jpg
A Drop Of Imagination
Israel / Fantasy / 22 minutes

Director/Writer: Shirel Ankri

Producer: Maya Zaltsman

Cast: Zohar Strauss, Sharon Stark, Ofri Maduel

Amos, a 10-years-old boy deprived of his father at young age by ruthlessness of the sea.  Now when his imagination is getting the best of him, he finds himself in a dangerous course, escaping the realm of reason, or facing life dead on.

All blood runs red.jpg
All Blood Runs Red
France / Drama / 11 minutes

Director: Paul Mignot

Writer: Paul Mignot, Armel Gourvennec

Producer: Léa Morel, Paul Mignot, William Blanc

Cast: Amine Gabdou Mahamat, Bruno Henry

Son of a slave, Boxer, hero of Verdun… Discover the epic life of the first African-American fighter pilot in history.

Germany / Fantasy / 22 minutes

Director: Alexander Feichter

Writer: Alexander Feichter, Paul Caspar Weiss,Julien Prevost

Producer: Alexander Feichter, Adyam Ogbazion

Cast:​ Jona Eisenblätter, Robert Frank

Being a quiet child, Felix is a bit of a loner. When the other boys play soccer during the school break, he climbs up a big tree and watches the world go by. During class, he draws little paper figures. In his fantasy, he sends them out on heroic adventures. This regularly gets him in trouble with his teacher. His mother often scolds him as well.

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Killing the Parson Bird.JPG
Killing The Parson Bird
New Zealand / Drama / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Peter McCulley

Cast: Emmett Skilton, Milo Cawthorne, Jared Turner

It is 1769. Captain James Cook is exploring Aotearoa/New Zealand in the ship HM Bark Endeavour. A landing party led by the naturalist Joseph Banks enters the bush to collect specimens for study. A Marine, Samuel Blakely and Midshipman Daniel Whitby are ordered by Banks to kill and collect specimens of the Parson Bird (Tui). As the two men go further into the native forest, they are being watched by the Patupairehe, a red-haired Māori girl who plays warning sounds on her putorino (flute).

USA / Drama / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Matthew Gratzner

Producer: Matthew Gratzner, Camille Balsamo-Gillis,Shannon Blake Gans

Cast: Angie Teordora Dick, Terence Rotolo, Robert Chapin

Mutiny! is a swashbuckling, action-adventure comedy featuring a progressive Captain dealing with a crew that's set in their old ways— all while confronting gender inequality and the lack of self-awareness of overt masculinity… but all seen through the eyes of 17th Century Pirates.

Canada / Animation / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Andrew De Zen

Producer: Brooks Malberg

Cast: Gabriel D'Almeida Freitas, Andrew Bering, Alexandra Kahwagi

Set in the deserts of 1935, a pilot finds himself in a place that is ready to destroy all ambitious men.

Sea Dragon2.jpg
Sea Dragon
UK / Drama / 16 minutes

Director: James Morgan

Writer: James Morgan, Lawrie Doran

Producer: Terhi Kylliainen

Cast: Kiara Holley-Paliano, Harvey Dean, Nathaniel Parker

A young fossil hunter makes a groundbreaking discovery, challenging the worldview of 19th century England.

The girl who dreamt instead.JPG
The Girl Who Dreamt Instead
Norway / Drama / 17 minutes

Director/Producer: Annie Feldsott, David B. Berget

Writer: Annie Feldsott

Cast: Agnes Duvold, Oscar Jean

The Girl who Dreamt Instead is a magical realism story about a young immigrant girl in Norway who, upon learning her family is being deported, finds herself trapped in a fantastical wilderness.

The Infectious Imagination Of Henry Bram
The Infectious Imagination Of Henry Bramble
UK / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Derek Boyes

Producer: Charlotte Wontner, Annabel Bates

Cast: Paul Copley, Archie Lyndhurst

When a stuffy retired Judge is forced to spend time with his ten-year-old Nephew, he learns the significance of losing his imagination, but it is never too late to get it back!

The Ring of Beasts.jpg
The Ring Of Beasts
South Africa / Action / 29 minutes

Director: Adriano Miguel

Writer: Cameron Scott

Producer: Cameron Scott, Orr Koren

Cast: Brumilda van Rensburg, Hungani Ndlovu

Cast out at birth, raised by a wolf and forced to fight by men. Romulus and Remus will earn their legacy in the blood and dust of a vicious underground tournament: The Ring of Beasts.

The sinking airship.JPG
The Sinking Airship
Germany / Fantasy / 13 minutes

Director: Ivan Dubrovin

Writer: Gerhard Wisnewski, Ivan Dubrovin

Producer: Franz Ufer

Cast: Katharina Stark, Michele Cuciuffo, Jan Beller

High above the clouds a big airship-city is flying. However, one of the balloons, which hold the city, is loosing air. That is why the airship is sinking. All the inhabitants there know about that, but they try to ignore it and carry on with their daily routines. It's a modern fairy tale about a girl who wants change and a story about love which is put into an appealing comical visual style.

USA / Adventure/ 18 minutes

Director/Writer: Jonathon Gauthier

Producer: Jonathon Gauthier, Kaitlin Goodhart

Cast: Don Scribner, Parker Goris

Two pirates, Jiggy and Anchor, have stolen their captain’s treasure map. Their plan to cooperate and “get rich quick” quickly turns into a lesson of what it truly means to be a pirate.