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JULY 21 - 28, 2022

LA Shorts International Film Festival will feature over 400 films from around the world.  Our in-person lineup includes all film genres from a wide spectrum of categories from industry veterans to film students. It's all here, come celebrate with us the art (and business) of short-form cinema!

Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin

World Premiere Night of The Cooters with Vincent D'Onofrio

Following the film screening will be a panel discussion with cast and crew.


Speakers: Director & Actor - Vincent D’Onofrio
Actor - Hopper Penn
Composer - Ramin Djawadi

CEO, TrioScope Studios - LC Crowley

Screenwriter - Joe Lansdale

2022 Winners

Winner Screenplay Competition - Last Ship East by Eris Qian

Best Actress - Julia Garcia Combs - American Dream
Best Actor - Austin Pendleton - Ball and Vase

Best High School Film - When Night Falls (USA) by Luke McKinley, Cesar Renteria
Best Music Video - Headless (Korea) by Bason Baek

Best Web Series - Grey Nomads (Australia) 7 by Felix Williamson

Best Horror - The Unusualist (USA) by Mike Simses

Best Sci-Fi - Night of the Cooters (USA) Sci-Fi by Vincent D'Onofrio

Best Experimental - Let's Bring Them Alive! (USA) by Eli Sokhn

Best Documentary - My Disability Roadmap (USA) by Dan Habib, Samuel Habib

Best Animation - Mr. Spam Gets a New Hat (UK) by William Joyce

Best Comedy - Moles (Switzerland) by Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola

Best Drama - Sideral (France) by Carlos Segundo
Best Drama - Monkey Business (Netherlands) by Everon Jackson Hooi

Best Foreign Film - One Small Visit (Hong Kong) by Jo Chim

Best of Fest - Ball and Vase (USA) by David Baram

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