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JULY 1 - 31

This year's programming focused heavily on international films. Some of the highlights from the 18 curated programs include:


Animation Program (72) - SAVE RALPH a stop-motion animation produced by Humane Society International with character voices by Taika Waititi & Ricky Gervais

Crime Program  – RELAW by writer/director Polaris Banks with Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Terminator), THE CADDY by Gabriel Beristain with Ron Perlman (Hellboy)

Documentary Program - Academy Award Nominated A CONCERTO IS A CONVERSATION by Ben Proudfoot and Kris Bowers. WWE Network presents two docs HEAVEN directed by Pete McKinny. SUPERFAN: THE STORY OF VLADIMIR  directed by Matt Braine & Giancarlo Dittamo

Music / Dance Program - Paul McCartney’s WHEN WINTER COMES. and Yo-Yo Ma in SEE ME: A GLOBAL CONCERT


High School Program - GO FISH by Ilia Wayans

Web Series - HUDSON FALLS by writer/director Elias Plagianos with Richard Kind (Curb Your Enthusiasm)

Asia Program –  China (16), Japan (10), South Korea (7), Taiwan (5), Singapore (3), Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, India (4)

Australia (17), New Zealand (3) Program

Europe -- United Kingdom (45), France (12), Spain (11), Germany (9), Ireland (7), Netherlands (4), Denmark (4), Switzerland (4), Austria (3), Belgium (3), Poland (2), Finland (2), Sweden (2), Ukraine (2), Italy, Hungary, Norway, Romania, Croatia, Greece, Estonia, Kosovo, Faroe Islands

Latin America – Mexico (6), Colombia (2), Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay

Middle East – Israel (2), Qatar (2), Lebanon, Iran, Jordan, United Arab Emirates

North America - Canada (25) 

Russia (2), Kazakhstan, 

South Africa (2)