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The Postmodern Pioneer Plaque

Foreign / Spain / 8 min.

In 1973 Carl Sagan created the Pionner Plaque for the NASA Pioneer 10 mission. It was Humanity's first message for extraterrestrial civilizations.

Director: Boris Kozlov
Producer: Boris Kozlov
Writer: Boris Kozlov
Cast: Tony Rodriguez, Sara Montgomery Campbell, Naeem Munaf

Sci-Fi / Canada / 22 min.

After a global war between humanity and the Machines, the only threat to the fragile peace are the Sleepers, living suicide bombs left over after the war. When Yusef discovers his wife Ayana is a Sleeper, they must make it to the new Machine Homeland to prevent her death.

Director: Rajeev Dassani, Elan Dassani
Producer: Issam Husseini, Rajeev Dassani
Writer: Rajeev Dassani, Elan Dassani
Cast: Rakeen Saad, Khaled Ghouery, Oded

Animation / Belgium / 16 min.

A man is looking for the ultimate solution to save his wife from a falling cliff

Director: Lieven Vanhove
Producer: Sieber Marly
Writer: Lieven Vanhove
Cast: Geert Vandyck, Sarah Eisa
Uncanny Valley

Sci-Fi / Argentina / 9 min.

In the slums of the future, virtual reality junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. An expert player discovers that the line between games and reality is starting to fade away.

Director: Federico Heller
Producer: German Heller
Writer: Federico Heller

Action/Adventure / USA / 12 min.

A young woodland scout abandons his troop during a Basilisk ambush and flees into the forest where he uses the memory of his Mother and words of his mentor to find the courage that will change his fate.

Director: David Bousquet
Producer: Kristin Bousquet
Writer: David Bousquet
Cast: Kelton Roney, Chris Cleveland, Stefanie Estes
The Carousel

Documentary / USA / 12 min.

In the small town of Binghamton, New York, there spins a 1925 carousel that once inspired Rod Serling and has since become a portal into the Twilight Zone.

Director: Jonathan Napolitano
Producer: Jonathan Napolitano, Kayleigh Napolitano
Writer: Jonathan Napolitano
Cast: Anne Serling, Cortlandt Hull
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