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Comedy / USA / 14 min.

Two goodfellas are driving across the hot Californian desert to see the Boss when they are forced to stop at a traffic light that has literally just turned red. Long minutes pass as it refuses to turn green.

Director: Gianluca Sodaro
Producer: Gianluca Sodaro, Julie Suronen
Writer: Gianluca Sodaro, Andrea Pallanza
Cast: Robert Davi, Stephen Badalamenti — Original Music by Angelo Badalamenti
Sam Did It

Comedy / USA / 11 min.

Sam is about to meet his celebrity idol the only problem is Sam works in a morgue and his idol is dead.

Director: Dominic Burgess
Producer: Natalie Britton, Ari Schneider, Casey Graf
Writer: Dominic Burgess
Cast: Dominic Burgess, Alfred Molina, Harley Jane Kozak
The Birds Sing Too Loud

Action/Adventure / USA / 15 min.

In an effort to mend old washed out bridges, Mitch invites his two bitter, complaining aunts for a visit to his fancy home in Hollywood. It doesn't go well.

Director: Jack Kenny
Producer: Jack Kenny, Braxton Molinaro, Jonathan Sokolow, Gilana Lobel, Oliver Brooks
Writer: Jack Kenny
Cast: Jane Lynch, Kate Mulgrew, Braxton Molinaro
Stand Down

Drama / USA / 7 min.

Stand Down is a silent movie set to a new and searing rock and roll song of the same name. Billy Bob Thornton stars as a haunted ex-soldier who can no longer control the memories of war that beset his tormented mind; what we now call post traumatic stress disorder. It's the story of a man on a singular journey toward an ultimate confrontation with HIMSELF. The lyrics speak to the hearts and minds of soldiers across the globe, those peaceful warriors who know all too well that once they are forced to meet the challenges of violence and hatred, that they will never be the same, even in victory. For they will either carry that darkness for the rest of their lives or be swallowed by it altogether.

Director: Dana Tynan, Kario Salem
Producer: Gabrielle Yuro
Cast: Billy Bob Thornton
Jim Svejda: Between the Notes

Documentary / USA / 10 min.

A short documentary about the most knowledgeable classical DJ in America.

Director: Daniel Zucker
Producer: Daniel Zucker, Kara Durrett
Writer: Jim Svejda, Anne Akiko Meyers, Brenda Barnes, Nicholas Meyer, Rich Capparela, Thomas Newman
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