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Drama / Australia / 15 min.

Max and Cate meet and straight away itís on with no restraint. But are they fooling around or falling in love? "Tender" charts the uncertain path through casual sex towards love - or something else.

Director: Jessica Redenbach
Producer: Cecilia Ritchie
Writer: Jessica Redenbach
Cast: Katie-Jean Harding, Angus Sampson

Drama / Zimbabwe/Canada/France / 12 min.

A woman and her driver. Another man. A state of mind. A contemporary love story set in Africa that explores the cultural tensions surrounding a woman's desire.

Director: Martha Ferguson
Producer: Martha Ferguson, Daves Guzha
Writer: Melissa Webster, Martha Ferguson, Tsitsi Dangarembga
Cast: Stephen Chigorimbo, Martha Ferguson, Kevin Hanssen
Another Happy Anniversary

Comedy / USA / 21 min.

A married couple decides to be daring and have a menage-a-trois, but discover that sexual adventurousness isn't always smooth sailing.

Director: Miranda Bailey
Producer: Amanda Marshall, Gabriel Geer, Max McKenzie
Writer: Miranda Bailey
Cast: Nikki Deloach, Hayes MacArthur
An Exchange

Drama / USA / 13 min.

A poignant film about a night in the life of Michael, hotel guest and family man, who is forced to confront his sexuality when a massage leads to something more.

Director: Bryce Woodworth
Producer: John Nordlinger, Stephen Gibler
Writer: Bryce Woodworth
Cast: Jake Lawson, Shyaam Karra

Drama / USA / 14 min.

Rebellious young Milo has been experimenting with different outlets for his angst and budding sexuality. When Miloís worn-out and irritable father discovers his sonís disturbing secret, he takes his sonís punishment too far Ė in turn creating unfortunate consequences for the whole family.

Director: J. Casey Modderno
Producer: Benjamin Kim
Writer: J. Casey Modderno
Cast: Devin Druid, Steven Ogg, Aidan Fiske
High Tide

Erotic / USA / 17 min.

A woman struggles between the love for her impotent boyfriend and the guilt she feels about her hidden affair.

Director: Yuqin Feng
Producer: Yuqin Feng, Alexandria Lundelius
Writer: Yuqin Feng
Cast: Murielle Zuker, Alastair James Murden

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