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Romance / USA / 29 min.

Unbeknownst to us, each person's destiny is controlled by an employee of the Fate Management Agency. To save his job, low- level agent Joe must take drastic action and confront his hopeless client face-to-face - on Earth.

Director: Jeremy Foley
Producer: Sara O'Reilly, Jeremy Foley
Writer: Sara O'Reilly
Cast: Brett Jacobsen, Kyle Sabihy

Drama / USA / 8 min.

A contemporary married couple fight for and against each other due to the plight of pregnancy.

Director: Christopher Leps
Producer: Ashley Platz, Christopher Leps
Writer: Ashley Platz
Cast: Ashley Platz, Jay Hayden

Drama / USA / 15 min.

On April 24, 1996, in an act that mirrors the ending of his best known film, "Performance," Donald Cammell shot himself in the head with a handgun, putting an end to a lifelong obsession with art, insanity and death.

Director: Michael Easton
Producer: Michael Easton, Lorna St. John
Writer: Michael Easton
Cast: Trevor St. John, Ginevra Arabia
The File Room

Drama / England / 15 min.

Peter, a defense lawyer, finds himself in a mysterious file room. He discovers this room is a crude cataloging system for his life where his every thought, memory and action is recorded. Guided by a librarian he is challenged to confront aspects of his life he would rather file away.

Director: Vanessa Perdriau
Producer: Vanessa Perdriau
Writer: Vanessa Perdriau
Cast: Anthony Green, Colin Bower

Drama / USA / 18 min.

The day her boyfriend plans to propose to her, Anna, a young New York-based Czech doctor is held at U.S. immigration after a humanitarian trip to Uganda.

Director: Serena Dykman
Producer: Serena Dykman, Mav Block
Writer: Serena Dykman
Cast: Jandra Dee, E. George Perry

Drama / USA / 8 min.

Convinced her mother is wrongfully incarcerated for the murder of her father, a woman strives to find evidence that proves her innocence.

Director: Sean Michael Smith
Producer: Rob Fried
Writer: Amy Taylor
Cast: Marguerite Moreau, Jaret Sacrey
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