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Dead Air

Animation / United Kingdom / 17 min.

Arriving on a small, tranquil island, DJ Pete causes a stir among the insular locals with his fresh and irreverent radio show. Only one islander, Laura, welcomes the newcomer with open arms. But as the island's landscape shifts over time, so does Pete's relationship with Laura and his new home.

Director: Robert Bradbrook
Producer: Casey Herbert
Writer: Ian Sellar
Cast: Jonah Russell, Victoria Bewick
The Martyr

Drama / USA / 13 min.

Attacked his entire life for being Muslim, a sheltered young man willingly takes up the explosive vest.

Director: Ryan Jow
Producer: Nerris Nassiri
Writer: Ryan Jow
Cast: Tarek Elhadary, Sayed Badreya

Foreign / USA / 15 min.

A Nigerian woman living in America, struggles to convince her traditionalist husband not to circumcise their ten-year-old daughter.

Director: Solomon Onita, Jr.
Producer: Elsie Dortelus, Terrence Grant
Writer: Solomon Onita, Jr.
Cast: Sope Aluko, Bayo Akinfemi

Drama / Australia / 15 min.

Valentina's love life unravels online as the clues pile up. She needs to know, and to make a decision,

Director: Luis Fanti
Producer: Luis Fanti
Writer: Luis Fanti
Cast: Ellen Williams, Matthew Pop
Dead End

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 6 min.

A man at the end of his rope, gets carjacked by 2 addicts and goes on a surreal journey.

Director: Jay Torres
Producer: Jay Torres, Eric Winter, German Michael Torres
Writer: Nelson Soler
Cast: Eric Winter, Summer Glau, Ivan Sergei
The Perceivers

Sci-Fi / USA / 15 min.

Eden City is a futuristic society ruled by the Perceivers, who monitor and control citizens using optic nerve technology. After her sister goes from prodigy to enemy of the state, Agatha Tyro must flee the city to avoid "deactivation" with her best friend. But can they escape from a world that is always watching?

Director: Kyle Smithers
Producer: Jaclyn Willens, Monique Keller
Writer: Iz Rubinstein
Cast: Molly C. Quinn, Michael Welch

Drama / USA / 9 min.

When a mysterious girl shows up at a dinner party, a troubled woman must face the consequences of the secrets she's been keeping.

Director: Ryan Todd
Producer: Anastacia McPherson, Amber Isham
Writer: Anastacia McPherson
Cast: Anastacia McPherson, Rosie Marie
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