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The Stradivari

Drama / USA / 10 min.

Sam Holzmann, a traditional violin maker, inherits a family-owned violin shop which is facing bankruptcy. In order to save the tradition, he must fight electric violins and his innovative and progressive mother, Barbara.

Director: Karolina Mikolajczak
Producer: Noan Ribeiro, Karolina Mikolajczak
Writer: Karolina Mikolajczak
Cast: Joel Pargman, Julia Silverman, Janna Bossier
Business Ethics

Comedy / Canada / 20 min.

While in business school Zachary Cranston (Gil Bellows) comes to believe that ethical decisions are just another form of cost-benefit analysis. Deciding that the rewards of fraud could outweigh the eventual costs he runs a Ponzi scheme, in spite of the knowledge that he will eventually face the consequences.

Director: Nick Wernham
Producer: Lori Lozinski, Simon Wernham
Writer: Richard Wernham

Documentary / USA / 24 min.

A purely observational documentary that plunges viewers into the harrowing decision-making process faced by physicians, patients and families in urgent end-of-life cases.

Director: Dan Krauss
Producer: Dan Krauss

Drama / USA / 19 min.

Inspired by the student protests that shook Venezuela in 2014, Spark tells the story of Oscar, a 19-year old Venezuelan student searching for his missing father, who finds himself detained after organizing a protest against the violence in his country. Experiencing media and Internet censorship, Marina, Oscar's mother, and his friend Alma use a Bluetooth-based app called Spark to create a campaign that pressures their government to free Oscar.

Director: Juan Martinez Vera
Producer: Diego Najera, Tim Hautekiet
Writer: Juan Martinez Vera
Cast: Gabriel Tarantini, Carlos Montilla, Ileanna Simancas
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