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Catching Fireflies

Drama / USA / 19 min.

A little Latina girl attempts to escape the rigors and misfortunes of living on Skid Row Los Angeles through the power of her mystical imagination; while simultaneously trying to protect the bond with her addict mother.

Director: Lee Whittaker
Producer: Lee Whittaker
Writer: Lee Whittaker
Cast: Gianna Gomez, Carlotta Elektra Bosch

Romance / USA / 16 min.

Two widowers living at a retirement community explore on-line dating. The results turn out to be something of a twist.

Director: Anthony Lawrence
Producer: Jennifer Clymer, Marie Urquidi
Writer: Anthony Lawrence
Cast: Anthony Lawrence, Brett Hadley

Drama / USA / 14 min.

We follow the struggle of a family who has to deal with their aging matriarch.

Director: Todd Johnson
Producer: Mike Campbell
Writer: Todd Johnson
Cast: Barbara Bain, James Patrick Stuart

Drama / USA / 17 min.

A small town, cocksure pharmacist figures out who robbed him that night - or doesn't, depending on who's actually involved.

Director: Frank Donnangelo
Producer: Frank Donnangelo, Stuart Berberich
Writer: Frank Donnangelo
Cast: Neal Groffman, Ben Martin
Styx Inn

Drama / USA / 24 min.

In a highly capitalist society where the suicide rate is soaring, a 19-year-old pregnant girl is losing her willingness to live and decides to use the services of a hotel, the Styx Inn, specialized in assisted suicides.

Director: Zhan Wang
Producer: Zhan Wang, Sunny He
Writer: Zhan Wang, Allison Schmitter
Cast: Mariel Martinez, Steven Dady
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