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Animation / United Kingdom / 10 min.

Hamish Fint, a crotchety old man used to a life of seclusion inside his submarine balanced precariously atop a mountain, struggles to maintain equilibrium when an unwelcome visiting seagull rocks his world.

Director: Liam Harris
Producer: Elina Litvinova
Writer: Nathaniel Price, Eoin Doran
Cast: Brian Gilbert
The Baby Boomer

Comedy / USA / 9 min.

Two baby boomers at war over the same inheritance.

Director: Matthew Moriarty
Producer: Matthew Moriarty, Ingrid Franz Moriarty
Writer: Matthew Moriarty
Cast: Allen Nause, Betty Moyer

Comedy / USA / 18 min.

After being asked to be "Maid" of Honor for his sister and throw the bachelorette party, Johnny, a goofy alpha male out of money and out of options turns to the only guys he knows he can afford... Mexican day laborers.

Director: Tony Estrada
Producer: Jona Ward, Margaret Ward
Writer: Tony Estrada
Cast: Jeremy Andorfer-Lopez, Alexis B. Santiago, Danny Trejo
Goodbye Vesna

Comedy / USA / 20 min.

Vesna, an immigrant cleaning woman has to follow her husband's last wish to bring his remains back home to Romania. Strapped for cash, she comes up with the impossible plan to rob her workplace, the Manhattan Trust Bank. In the process she faces the question whether she should follow her traditional values or start living her own life. In the process she begins to learn that she needs to live life on her own terms.

Director: Cristian Sulser
Producer: Nicholas Erickson, Bjoern Haertel
Writer: Cristian Sulser, Corey Wilcosky
Cast: Irina Dubova, Robert Factor
Illegal Move

Animation / USA / 4 min.

In a fantastical Chess World, an honorable White Knight must protect his King from his long lost lover, the Red Queen.

Director: Sana Srinivasan, Kyle Lopez
Cast: Jonathan Harden, Henrietta Meire, Kyle Lopez
City Bus

Romance / USA / 4 min.

A young woman who has peopled her world with imaginary gods and deities boards her usual bus to work, only to find the gods have commandeered it and are taking her back to the day she stopped living in reality.

Director: Lauren Hoekstra
Producer: James Franco, Gerren Crochet
Writer: Teresa Sullivan
Cast: Ahna O'Reilly, Adam Harrington, Michele DeFraites

Sci-Fi / USA / 25 min.

Wasted on the young? In the world of Youth, it doesn't have to be. An elderly couple struggles together to navigate the obstacles and temptations of a future that offers the promise of perpetual youth.

Director: Brett Marty
Producer: Josh Izenberg
Writer: Brett Marty, Amelia Whitcomb
Cast: Jessica Stroup, George Maguire
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