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I Did It For Love

Comedy / Canada / 11 min.

Andy has finally decided to propose to his longtime girlfriend, but he has no money for a ring. Naturally, he decides to rob a bank. But things quickly spiral out of control when happenstance finds Andy's girlfriend at the bank he is robbing.

Director: Quinn Spicker
Producer: Quinn Spicker, David Manuel
Writer: Quinn Spicker
Cast: Conor Gomez, Stephanie Johannesen
The Choice

Drama / USA / 25 min.

A young man who recently experienced a miraculous recovery from a terminal illness seeks the mysterious woman whose daily encouragement he credits for saving his life.

Director: Evan Kaufmann
Producer: Nayip Ramos, Katie Kaufmann, R. Scott Shields, Evan Kaufmann
Writer: R. Scott Shields
Cast: Leif Gantvoort, Jolene Andersen
Take a Deep Breath

Comedy / USA / 11 min.

Feeling sick for the past few months, Cameron, 30 years old, finally decides to go see a doctor. Diagnosed “in love” he will desperately try to fight his sickness, from taking antibiotics to getting surgery, only to realize that love may be one of the few diseases that still remain unbeatable.

Director: Java Jacobs
Producer: Richard Jacobs
Writer: Java Jacobs
Cast: Benjamin Lavernhe, Marie Piot
Amor Imposible

Comedy / USA / 15 min.

Memo has feelings for his roommate Rosa and isn't able to share how he feels with her. His insecurity and fear of rejection only worsens as Rosa falls in love with Diego, a fictional character from the soap opera "Amor Imposible." Memo is forced to face his fear when Diego, who wants out of the soap, comes out of his fictional world to pursue Rosa.

Director: Felix Martiz
Producer: Jesus Guevara, Felix Martiz
Writer: Felix Martiz
Cast: Beto Ruiz, Jesus Guevara, Laura Ramos

Drama / Zambia/USA / 13 min.

Angst tells the story of two lovers deeply connected yet mired in games that test the limits of their affection. Will emotional manipulation and exploitation destroy their relationship or will the strength of their bond endure?

Director: Nunzio Fazio
Producer: Gloria Huwiler, Nunzio Fazio, Ben Daka
Writer: Gloria Huwiler
Cast: Gloria Huwiler, Chad Faust
By the Sea

Drama / USA / 13 min.

By the Sea is a coming of age drama about two couples who search for stability amid the uncertainties of life.

Director: Robert Machoian
Producer: Eric Reis, Elizabeth Masucci
Writer: Eric Reis, Elizabeth Masucci
Cast: Justine Cotsonas, Eric Reis

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