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SUNDAY - JULY 27 - 5:30 PM

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Drama / USA / 19 min.

In a Mexican border town, a lonely street thug yearns for a better life after he bumps into a girl from his past and remembers the boy he used to be.

Director: Melissa Hickey
Producer: Carlos Garza
Writer: Melissa Hickey
The Chaldean

Drama / USA / 14 min.

A true story about the day I was robbed at gunpoint, shot at, and was able to lock the gunman in the store until the police arrived. A look at race, our perception of one another, and forgiveness.

Director: Mundhir Razooki
Producer: Sam J. Warner, Nathan & Elisha Sutton
Writer: Mundhir Razooki
Cast: Ray Campbell, Michael Fishman, Sam J.
7 Day Gig

Comedy / USA / 9 min.

A punk, an old man, and a chicken gather round for a makeshift shiva after Jay (a Romanian/Guamanian/Catholic/Jew) puts an ad on Craigslist looking for mourners to join him.

Director: Kate Marks
Producer: Frances Chang
Writer: Kate Marks
Cast: Winston Story, Kristin Coffman, Bill
The Perfect Sacrifice

Drama / USA / 20 min.

Mississippi, 1955: After her son is kidnapped and brutally murdered, a mother fights to have an open-casket funeral in order to expose the ugly racial problems facing the country at that time.

Director: Tiffany Littlejohn
Producer: Shawn Mowlai, Tiffany Littlejohn
Writer: Tiffany Littlejohn
For The Birds برای پرنده‌ ها

Drama / USA / 14 min.

A crowd of people in Iran gather to watch the execution of a young woman, she begs everyone for help but horrified of the authorities they all just watch as she is about to get hanged; except for one particular young man who cannot remain silent.

Director: Tara Atashgah
Producer: Tara Atashgah, Jack Castellaw
Writer: Tara Atashgah
LA Shorts Fest
'The Dam Keeper' Dir. Robert Kondo / Dice Tsutsumi
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