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Family / USA / 14 min.

Donnie is an eccentric young boy struggling to fix his strained relationship with his father. Utilizing his talents, Donnie creates a robot in hopes to win the school talent show and prove to his father that creativity and imagination is the key to success.

Director: Aaron Sauerland
Producer: David Benes
Writer: Aaron Sauerland
Cast: Bradley Martin, Patrick George Adamek, Samantha Nolte
Distant Sun

Drama / USA / 8 min.

In the Nazi controlled country, Austria, the fate of Jewish people are hanging on a thread. One quiet evening, when Chinese woman Xiaoman is confronted by an unexpected visitor, Nazi officer Mr. Synder, she has to conceal traces of the Jewish boy that she has been providing shelter for. On the other hand, this mysterious visitor unveils his secret plan.

Director: I Fu Chen
Producer: Jacqueline Liu
Writer: Candy Li
Cast: Tsien-Tsien Zhang, Rando Thomas
Your Old Man

Comedy / USA / 20 min.

On the day of her grandfather's funeral, eighteen-year-old Maggie discovers that her father was adopted and she must find a way to tell him, despite their strained relationship.

Director: Tim Hautekiet
Producer: Emily Rasenick, Diego Najera
Writer: Rebecca Vail, Lindsey Huchowski
Cast: Stephanie Farugia, John Alton, Matt Devine
Swipe Right

Comedy / USA / 9 min.

Katie spends her night alone at the bar, waiting for her Tinder date to show. When he doesn't, she meets Levi and they hit it off. Things escalate quickly, but not in the way she had hoped. When things take a turn for the worst, Katie can once again rest her case that she is horrible at dating.

Director: Kendall Goldberg
Producer: Kendall Goldberg, Amber Berck
Writer: Kendall Goldberg
Cast: Cameron Kelly, Jimmy Seargeant, Maile Flanagan
The Morning After

Drama / Lithuania / 17 min.

The story takes place in sunny California, a stark contrast to dark events which are going to take place. A group of friends are celebrating Jim's birthday. As older sister Megan tries to help her younger sister Emma figure out what happened to her last night, the truth becomes more than Megan can handle.

Director: Irma Puzauskaite
Producer: Lukas Trimonis, Mike Sitnikov
Writer: Egle Vertelyte, Irma Puzauskaite
Cast: Katie Wallack, Stacey Danger, Michael Finn
The Kite

Drama / USA / 10 min.

This is a bittersweet family drama about three generations from two families try to solve real life crisis by making a kite together.

Director: Lu Han
Producer: Ahleea Zama, Vivek Rao
Writer: Lu Han
Red String

Drama / USA / 10 min.

The story is about a man who believes that he can get a better life if he works hard. But he meets a lot of problems that he was never predict. Finally he got fired because he tries to keep his last line of dignity.

Director: Minghao Shen
Producer: Shuhe Wang, Minghao Shen
Writer: Minghao Shen
Cast: Eddie Yu, Katie Chan, Peter

Animation / USA / 2 min.

Rephidim (meaning resting place) is an abstraction of its meaning. While it is not a direct narrative, it loosely translates ideals of belonging, contentment, home, and rest.

Director: Natalie Powell
Producer: Natalie Powell
Writer: Natalie Powell
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