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THURSDAY - JULY 24 - 5:30 PM

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No Limits

Drama / Italy / 7 min.

A shy, reserved employee daydreams about spending time with an attractive colleague from work. When her crush's secret is revealed, all barriers are broken down.

Director: Christian Marazziti
Producer: Christian Marazziti, Gianluca Spinello
Writer: Christian Marazziti, Gabriele Iacovone
Cast: Sara Zanier, Gianluca Spinello,
The Lord Of Catan

Comedy / USA / 13 min.

A young married couple are plunged into an epic struggle for dominance when their friendly game of Settlers of Catan escalates into cutthroat competition. Old grudges and hidden wounds rise to the surface, propelling them into a vortex of madness and destruction, for there can be only one... Lord of Catan.

Director: Stuart Paul
Producer: Lisa McGuire, Jason Dolan
Writer: Stuart Paul
Cast: Amy Acker, Fran Kranz,
I Can See You

Drama / USA / 17 min.

Marnie is compelled to relive a day from her teenage past over again: On a midsummer afternoon, she entered the forest and lost her innocence. Her one true friend, the caretaker's son, protects her from the memories that are a daily reminder of that fateful day.

Director: Lucy Butler
Producer: Lucy Butler, Joni Levin
Writer: Antoinette Terry Bryant, Lucy Butler
Cast: Brenda Strong, Steven Culp, Austin Stowell
Dogs in the Distance

Drama / USA / 10 min.

Loyalty and instinct are tested when two friends experience a mugging.

Director: Christopher Rucinski
Producer: Ben Jordan, Joselito Seldera
Writer: Christopher Rucinski
Ahh... San Francisco

Documentary / USA / 13 min.

Quintessentially San Francisco, the legendary words of Herb Caen as spoken by Peter Coyote, take us on a journey from one end of this beautiful city to another.

Director: Barrett Edmonds
Producer: Barrett Edmonds
Writer: Herb Caen
Cast: Peter Coyote

Foreign / USA / 9 min.

The story of a Jewish man who deals with memories from World War II, when he was in line with other Jewish prisoners to be executed by a Nazi soldier.

Director: Jaco Dukes
Producer: Jaco Dukes, Daniel J. Parker
Writer: Jaco Dukes
Cast: David Tucker, Dan Sutter, Nicolas

Comedy / USA / 7 min.

A comedy about a grieving couple trying to find closure. Three cats. One dog. A cockatoo. Uncle Herman. Eternity.

Director: Natasha Kermani
Producer: Arthur Shapiro, Lauren Ashley Carter
Writer: Arthur Shapiro
The Present (Dir. Holle Singer & Rainer Magik)

Drama / USA / 18 min.

An obsessed girl journeys alone through a landscape of memory and instant messages as she makes her way from Brooklyn to Costa Rica to reunite with her love.

Director: Holle Singer, Rainer Magik
Producer: Holle Singer, Sydney Smith
Writer: Sydney Smith, Rainer Magik
Cast: Audrey Jessup, Sam Borenz, Hugo
LA Shorts Fest
'The Dam Keeper' Dir. Robert Kondo / Dice Tsutsumi
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