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Drama / South Africa / 19 min.

As Tessa faces the destruction of her unhappy marriage to Jonathan, she battles to reconcile the commitment she made to him with the childhood promise of happiness she made to herself.

Director: Craig Hunter Parker
Producer: Greta Henley
Writer: Greta Henley
Cast: Joelle Coutinho, Francis Chouler
Customer Service

Action/Adventure / USA / 15 min.

A weary, passive aggressive cell phone technician deals with the pitfalls of working at CellTechs, a sub par cell phone company. To pass the time he creates fictitious dating profiles, dreams of Tahiti and toys with disgruntled customers. He meets his match in Rebekah, an unruly customer who calls for assistance.

Director: Aimee Graham
Producer: Aimee Graham
Writer: Aimee Graham
Cast: Richmond Arquette, Justine Bateman

Drama / USA / 13 min.

Memo is at a capoeira roda and has reached his breaking point, he is going through an inner struggle that makes it seem like the world is caving in. He has to decide which road to take, to give in to his fears and play it safe or risk it all and let go.

Director: Tom Shell
Producer: Kerie Edmead, Elias Jimenez
Writer: Jesus Martinez
Cast: Eddie Martinez, Amanda Groth
Dirty Laundry

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 15 min.

Dirty Laundry stars Academy Award-nominated actor Bruce Davison as a wheelchair-bound hitman in a seemingly a random series of events that unfold one night at a Laundromat connecting four lives in way far too strange to be considered chance.

Director: Renji Philip
Producer: Renji Philip
Writer: Renji Philip
Cast: Bruce Davison, Tyler Steelman
Peacock Killer

Drama / USA / 15 min.

After physically reprimanding his dog for catching and eating a peacock, a man relieves his guilt by hunting down the remaining peacocks with his dog. Adapted from a short story by Sam Shepard.

Director: Boyd Holbrook
Producer: Madeleine Sackler, Blake Ashman-Kipervaser
Writer: Boyd Holbrook
Cast: Shea Whigham, Elizabeth Marvel
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