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Drama / United Kingdom / 3 min.

Director David Wilson directs a short film for the British Council, reinterpreting Act 1, Scene V, from Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Director: David Wilson
Producer: Paul Weston, Corin Taylor
Writer: William Shakespeare
How High the Moon

Drama / USA / 12 min.

Jack spends a night with his old friend Bill, a jazz guitarist with a tendency to find trouble.

Director: Tucker Tota
Producer: Melanie Bartley
Writer: Tucker Tota
Cast: Jason Edelstein, Michael Linowitz

Drama / USA / 22 min.

Lisa has a room at her mom's house and a room at her dad's house. But does she have a home? Does she have a family? This is a story of a teenage girl quietly falling through the cracks as parents move on with their lives.

Director: Katerina Gorshkov
Producer: Katerina Gorshkov
Writer: Katerina Gorshkov
Cast: Allison Gregory, Lisa Paskel, Robert Peters
Guardian Angel

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 13 min.

Maddie and her mother are raped, then her parents murdered, her brother enters the room. At that moment Maddie believes God intervenes. She attacks and kills the men. She feels baptized in their blood. She believes she is now a Guardian Angel to avenge those who hurt women and children.

Director: Ralph Odierna
Producer: Tetia Stroud, Andreas Wigand
Writer: Ralph Odierna
Cast: Megan Henry, Tim Bader, Johnny Cosmo, Jessica McMillin

Sci-Fi / UK / 19 min.

Caitlin is having therapy to cope with the loss of her son but is becoming increasingly more paranoid about those around her. A simple accident leads her to a truth that nothing can prepare her for.

Director: Duncan Roe
Producer: Marie Sophon, Duncan Roe
Writer: Duncan Roe
Cast: Marie Sophon, Anna Wilson-Jones, Chris Simmons

Animation / USA / 7 min.

She has no face. She doesn't speak. But her nameless heart is on a journey of love and fate. A timid, spirited girl plunges into a dark and snowy wood in search of a friend. After a long hike, she finds a snowman; bright and brave, but incomplete. And, before she can finish him, providence dumps her into a terrible pit, where she tumbles into the clutches of a wild and murderous wolf.

Director: Ronald Johnson
Producer: Ronald Johnson
Writer: Ronald Johnson, Sara Mrasek
The Ceiling Fan

Drama / USA / 12 min.

In a remote country house, a woman renovates in solitude with only an online handyman for guidance. One job - installing a ceiling fan - proves more difficult than she expected. "The Ceiling Fan" is a story of one woman's resilience and the profound emotional significance of a simple task.

Director: Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Kate Wetherhead
Producer: Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Kate Wetherhead
Writer: Kate Wetherhead
Cast: Kate Wetherhead, Andrew Samonsky
Ketetapan (Decision)

Drama / Singapore / 7 min.

A multiracial couple has a serious argument during their ride home. Entangled in cultural and religious differences they desperately try to find reconciliation only to realize that matters are more complex than they thought.

Director: Dagomir Kaszlikowski, Kamil Haque
Producer: Dagomir Kaszlikowski, Jerry Koedding
Writer: Dagomir Kaszlikowski, Kamil Haque
Cast: Kamil Haque, Nessa Anwar
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