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New Wave Chinese Filmmakers
Wednesday, July 25
1000 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90015 
Opening day at LA Shorts International Film Festival is devoted to the New Wave Chinese Filmmakers.  Featuring 3 short film programs by Chinese American filmmakers


Access to Film Program 1, 2 & 3 


Suspense/Thriller / USA / 13 min. 

Will, a workaholic struggles to free himself from a mysterious but familiar voice, in order to get his life-changing promotion. 

Director: Yixia Li 
Producer: Xia Lion Huang, Yixia Li 
Writer: Yixia Li, Zac Chia 
Cast: Gordon Maniskas, Chris Barry, Vicky Lee, Chelsea Debaise, Rachel Zink, Laila Montana
Drama / USA / 18 min. 

A man with a plain red birthmark struggles to find his identity in society. 

Director: Klay Li 
Producer: Yuan Yue, Yuan Huang 
Writer: Klay Li 
Cast: Roger Wan
American Dream 
Foreign / USA / 18 min. 

Chinese illegal immigrant Wenjuan Li tries to spend all her money to get a green card using the political asylum law. Due to overwhelming fake cases on political asylum, the US government starts to investigate the cases, Li losts everything even her friends. She goes extreme. 

Director: Jingwei Zhou 
Producer: Jingwei Zhou 
Writer: Jingwei Zhou 
Cast: Zijing Ke
Drama / USA / 21 min. 

A struggling single mother is faced with the most difficult decision of her life when the father of her child suddenly announces that he is moving to the US. 

Director: Henry Liu 
Producer: Rui Zhang, Ni Jiang 
Writer: Henry Liu 
Cast: Josephine Blankstein
Animation / USA / 10 min. 

Daisy is a young girl who is being cared for by Ben, a robot caretaker, during wartime. After a bomb attack, Daisy vanishes. This begins Bens' search for her. 

Director: Yu Yu 
Producer: Yu Yu 
Writer: Yu Yu, Thomas Tang 
Cast: , ,
Romance / USA / 10 min. 

The course of a romantic relationship plays out over a series of haircuts overseas. 

Director: Hanxiong Bo 
Producer: Junyi Zhang 
Writer: Hanxiong Bo 
Cast: Yiji Zhao, Jamie Wang


Program 1


Love in Canton 
Musical / USA / 23 min. 

A story about a old woman can't accept his husband 's death, she keeps remembering the happiness moment when she with her husband during the way to the funeral and finally accept her husband's death. 

Director: Zixian Ouyang 
Producer: Wintau Chow, Xiaomin Chen 
Writer: Zixian Ouyang 
Cast: Shihui Zhang, Zhengjun Xu
Mea Culpa 
Comedy / USA / 7 min. 

Mia plans to rob her sister's grocery store to get the insurance money, but everything goes wrong...

Director: Meng Yu 
Producer: Meng Yu, Joshua Chan 
Writer: Meng Yu
Drama / China / 16 min. 

A mysterious viewer follows two hosts on live streaming shows. Without thinking any consequence, he donates and comments as he used to do. However, this time it causes tragic endings for both hosts. 

Director: Zesheng Gao 
Producer: Yingxiang Huang, Yuxuan Wu 
Writer: Zesheng Gao
Love, Song 
Romance / USA / 19 min. 

Under the One Child Police, a girl got confused between sibling love and affinity relation with a boy who grew up with her as her pseudo-sibling, and she found a secret when she tried to tell him what her feeling is. 

Director: Qingge Gao 
Producer: Xia Huang 
Writer: Qingge Gao 
Cast: Qingge Gao, Yunjie Ren
Halloween Game 
Drama / USA / 9 min. 

It's about a man wants to kill himself in his house on Halloween but a girl knocks on his door to interrupt his suicide. 

Director: Yutong Gao 
Producer: Shuoyan Zhang 
Writer: Yutong Gao 
Cast: Sofia Esmaili, William Eismann
Animation / USA / 15 min. 

A little girl finds an unexpected way to connect to the memory of her late grandmother, with the help of a mysterious friend. 

Director: Jiayuan Liu 
Producer: Ryan Michael Connolly, Rachel Boyajian 
Writer: Jiayuan Liu 
Cast: Megan Liu, Juston Graber, Hana Wu, Xianlin Shan
Rabbit Hole 
Romance / USA / 3 min. 

A girl who was waiting for her love encounters her Mr. Right in an unexpected way. 

Director: Kay Zhu 
Producer: Kay Zhu 
Writer: Kay Zhu 
Cast: Phoebe You, Frank Lin


Program 2


Spring Flower 
Foreign / USA / 31 min. 

A Chinese rural girl Chun Hua is forced by her family to marry a man she never met before. After influencing by her cousin -Tong, a modern city girl, she decides to change her life. 

Director: Gisele Tong 
Producer: Han Zhang 
Writer: Gisele Tong 
Cast: Hua Yu, Yumeng Liu
A Good Man Is Hard To Be 
Suspense/Thriller / USA / 12 min. 

An ordinary family faces a life-threatening situation when a group of escaped convicts steps into their family restaurant. 

Director: Michael Yu 
Producer: Haley Reed, Michael Yu 
Writer: Michael Yu, Samantha Gessner 
Cast: Tim Hooper, Micah Fitzgerald
Drama / USA / 11 min. 

Twenty five year old, Max Berger's life isn't exactly going the way he hoped it would go. To makes things worst, his entitled behavior has devastating effects on his family, with whom he lives. When he finally sees the results of his actions, it might already be too late. 

Director: Yi Cai 
Producer: Baihui Chen, Siyue Wang 
Writer: Nicol Ramsauer 
Cast: Taylor Martorana, Pamela Paulson
Gold Fortune 
Drama / USA / 25 min. 

Inspired by a true crime story. Hoping to build a real life and make his family proud, a young Chinese undocumented immigrant leaves China for Los Angeles to seek legal identity through corrupted asylum fraud. 

Director: Rhyme Lu 
Producer: Danwen Lei 
Writer: Rhyme Lu 
Cast: Lingbin Qiu, Anna Pan, Yuwei Lin, Yen-Ting Hsieh
Where She Goes 
Drama / USA / 20 min. 

Drew has dinner with her fiancé, Ethan, at the Chinese restaurant they first met. They have been dating for a year and are about to get married. However, Drew seems to be absent-minded through the dinner. Ethan thinks that Drew is pressured because of meeting his parents soon. At that night, they coincidentally have the same waitress, Ling, as last year. Drew acts like she doesn't remember. But after Ethan leaves for work, Drew comes to Ling and opens up a random conversation. Wh 

Director: Moon Chandra 
Producer: Valeria Silva 
Writer: Tricia Lan 
Cast: Suzi Kaze, Dana Byrne, Christian T. Chan, Frank Gerrish, Sherry Lintvedt, Valeria Silva


Program 3

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