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Scrabble ‘X’, ‘B’, and ‘Q & U’

Commercial / Australia / 1 min.

(Agency) Marketforce Advertising for Multi award-winning short comedy campaign for LotteryWest: Multi award-winning short comedy campaign for a Scrabble board-game themed gaming ticket for LotteryWest (The Lotteries Commission of Western Australia).

Director: Robert Forsyth
Writer: Murray Laird
Lions/ Snow Dog

Commercial / United States / 1 min.

(Agency)Avrett Free Ginsberg for Nestle Purina Pet Care Co./ Mighty Dog: Sink your teeth into the compelling film created when dogs express their inner mightiness through outward achievement. These are dog’s dogs and are mighty glorious.

Director: Method Labs- Alex Frisch, Gil Baron
Writer: Alex Bloom
Tickle Party

Animation / USA / 3 min.

Set to the eccentric sounds of New Wave art rocker Santogold, the film matches a couple of “fuzzies” with a hapless monster who’s reduced to crying tear-shaped rubies. A reminder that it’s more rewarding to be kind than cruel, “Tickle Party” features a unique blend of puppetry and 3D elements.

Director: Arturo Sandoval, Sam Borkson
Producer: 72andSunny USA, Elisa Orsburn
Writer: Charlie Stephenson
Missing Pieces

Comedy / USA / 16 min.

David Ostermann is so deathly afraid of getting testicular cancer that he’s gone to Tijuana to have himself castrated. Olé! Through his relationships with his aging father, the women in his life and his best friend Brandon, David discovers the consequences of his past choices, as well as the possibility of new ones- sans testes, of course.

Director: Samah Tokmachi
Producer: Samah Tokmachi, Jonathan Goorvich
Writer: Jonathan Goorvich
Third Date

Comedy / USA / 30 min.

Despite normal appearances, Ed has one large impediment in all of his relationships: he can never seem to make it to the third date. Finally ready for a long term commitment, Ed tries to pinpoint what may be the cause of his third date curse.

Director: Jeff Craddock
Producer: Kristen Lucas, Amy Devlin
Writer: Tom Henrickson, Jon Seamans
The Cheapest Man in the Room

Comedy / USA / 17 min.

Ross Carter lives a normal life, for a guy on a cripplingly hilarious budget. But when he meets the lovely Jenny Shree, an intelligent young woman and world traveler, he must make the choice to continue with his thrifty ways and lose Jenny or possibly throw frugality to the wind.

Director: V.K. Shah
Producer: V.K. Shah, Christopher Seaton
Writer: V.K. Shah

Comedy / USA / 8 min.

Based on true events, “Denim” humorously explores the great indignities people will go through to get laid.

Director: Jeff Lycett
Producer: Alicia Arinella, Julie Tortorici
Writer: Jeff Lycett
The Last Yoghurt

Comedy / Israel / 16 min.

Late at night, Sarah catches Graham sneaking in the kitchen to take the last yoghurt. The childish couple begin arguing over who deserves the yoghurt more. Their fight soon spirals out of control and into a physical contest, and the ultimate battle of the sexes.

Director: Goor Moshe
Producer: Aneta Chalas
Writer: Gavin Rogers
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